Finally Getting Set Up

These last few months have been a whirlwind, new job, new school assignments, fun fun fun. Busy the whole way through. Somehow I managed to get this website up and running though. Welcome to the new
I have revamped some things, check out the links, navigate the site, there is a pictures section and video section. I plan on getting some interactive programs on this site and am planning some fun bits for the summer. I encourage you to stay tuned, for now here is a picture of my ugly mug 🙂


These commercials have been getting my attention lately.
It is an organization started by Alese Coco and her Family, this girl was slightly younger than me when she go diagnosed with the EXACT same Hodgkins Lymphoma (Nodular Sclerosing Stage II). She has now passed on but her story really hit me hard since she has been through a lot. It reminds me that every day is awesome to live. This girl had her Hodgkins recur three times and eventually it got her. I can only hope that I’m fortunate enough to avoid a situation like hers.
Its funny since I’ve only been cancer free and in remission for nearly 6 months. Not even close to cured (considered cured after remission for 5 years). I cant let it get to my head, I need to live healthy, stay healthy, and be a good person.


Thought this video was worth reposting, my buddy Richard posted it on Facebook.

Some info here also for your enlightenment.


Hello All,
I have been extremely haphazard lately as to how I update and when I update this blog. I decided I need to come up with something to do here, and I have come up to an unfortunate conclusion as to what. My plans are to end this blog, yes that’s right, terminate and end the life of this blog. Obviously I will still keep the blog accessible. All my posts will stay so that the original purpose of this blog can be fulfilled, that being to inform and educate people who have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as to how treatment will be handled. Also to give people who have it a better understanding of what it really is like to go through chemotherapy and radiation. The secondary purpose to inform friends/family of my procedures and wellness.
I started this blog after reading another persons cancer experience and it really gave me a positive attitude that I like to think I tried to keep the entirety of my treatment. So that’s basically it, I don’t plan on updating much, you might see a post or two on occasion, layout might be changed.
I appreciate how much support my family and friends gave me through my experience and now that I had my port removed from my chest I truly feel as though I am done with treatment! I can breathe again and relax.
It’s not all bad news though, to the 3 or 4 of you that are still reading this. I am going to have a new site in the works, something that will blow this one away. I don’t plan on ditching my corner of the world-wide web. As for now the new site is in the brainstorm mode and is still a ways away. But it is going to be my pet project to work with. Any advice, help, and wisdom is always appreciated.

A Possible Turn for the Worse?

Well as some of you know, I have been in and out of the hospital for many things these last few months, and unfortunately…I had to go back last night. Experiencing severe chest pain and started to think that maybe it wasn’t just something I ate or maybe just me overdoing it on my bike. But just being done with radiation 3 weeks ago, I was a little worried.
So off to the ER I went and what ensued was a bit scary, I was plugged in and poked and they took samples and x-rays and listened to my heart a bit. All of this in a major rush. It wasn’t for an hour or two that I finally found out what was causing my chest pain, they are calling it Acute Pericarditis. Essentially a swelling of the sack that surrounds my heart, caused by none other than my beloved Radiation Therapy.
This comes as not much of a surprise but nonetheless it is still exceedingly upsetting. WHY can’t I just be ok, WHY can’t I just get better, and WHY is this all happening to me? Another cause for concern here is that Heart issues have plagued my family, is it my turn? Having 3 great-grand-parents die of Heart disease and my immediate family having similar issues. It is all cause for concern.
So I guess that’s whats on my mind, food for thought. Hope I feel better soon.

Somethings Gotta Give

Something in the mail today,
And add this to the already billed $102,000 and I’m approaching a new grand total of around $140,000. Not trying to make any political statements or anything here but.

  • What are your thoughts on the United States medical system?
  • What needs to change?
  • What can be improved?

I surely don’t have a great answer to any of these questions, but I’d love to hear what YOU think. If there is one thing that I do know, it’s that SOMETHINGS GOTTA GIVE. Our system is out of whack, there is no way a 20-year-old like myself could EVER afford this. Unless of course I was on this list. At least we all know I hold a place on this one.
So all’s well, anyways, enjoy the sun and the great weather for a bike ride!


Just got back from finding a VeloCache with my buddy Codizzle and I got to thinking…Should I change the name of my blog now that I am done with my treatments? Let me know what you all think by voting on the right side of my page (you should find a poll). I am also thinking of updating the look/feel of my blog to be brighter, more…summerlike seeing as how we are getting closer and closer to such a seasonal shift.
My sister started a new blog, and she is an excellent writer so her posts are not nearly as…barbaric as my own. But if your interested in her studies/happenings/rants, feel free to check it out. She will be attending the University College London getting her masters in Gender Studies (proud brother right here).
Today I’ve been working on getting the kinks/final touches worked out of my latest CS project. It is just a simple contact sorter/generator/editor. However it is the most advanced graphical program I have done so far so I am pretty excited about it!
Anyways, remember to vote and let me know how you feel about the name change, maybe 20yearskickedthehodge, or 20yearsoverthehodge, or many many others.