I would LOVE to have this bicycle, in the video that is, with the guy playing guitar…you get it. Heres the video Also, thought this was funny/creative


Just got back from finding a VeloCache with my buddy Codizzle and I got to thinking…Should I change the name of my blog now that I am done with my treatments? Let me know what you all think by voting on the right side of my page (you should find a poll). I am also… Continue reading Happenings


Its been a few days since I posted here so I thought I would give you an idea what I’ve been up to: School: Physics test today Work: Busier and busier Bikes Battling the never-ending cold Upcoming events: Meet Radiology Oncologist on Friday Radiation begins on Monday Anyways, I’ve been super busy. Hope you all… Continue reading Update

Tuesday AM Ride

Yesterday I went on my first mountain bike ride of the season! Up Kestrel and down Hulls Gulch! It was a cold one but I was just glad to be able to go. I haven’t really ridden since about a month before my diagnosis (October), so needless to say I was pretty weak. But nonetheless… Continue reading Tuesday AM Ride

What I'm Watching

Here are a few videos I have been watching lately. Thought you might enjoy them too!