A Possible Turn for the Worse?

Well as some of you know, I have been in and out of the hospital for many things these last few months, and unfortunately…I had to go back last night. Experiencing severe chest pain and started to think that maybe it wasn’t just something I ate or maybe just me overdoing it on my bike. But just being done with radiation 3 weeks ago, I was a little worried.
So off to the ER I went and what ensued was a bit scary, I was plugged in and poked and they took samples and x-rays and listened to my heart a bit. All of this in a major rush. It wasn’t for an hour or two that I finally found out what was causing my chest pain, they are calling it Acute Pericarditis. Essentially a swelling of the sack that surrounds my heart, caused by none other than my beloved Radiation Therapy.
This comes as not much of a surprise but nonetheless it is still exceedingly upsetting. WHY can’t I just be ok, WHY can’t I just get better, and WHY is this all happening to me? Another cause for concern here is that Heart issues have plagued my family, is it my turn? Having 3 great-grand-parents die of Heart disease and my immediate family having similar issues. It is all cause for concern.
So I guess that’s whats on my mind, food for thought. Hope I feel better soon.

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