Somethings Gotta Give

Something in the mail today, “TOTAL RADIATION THERAPY – $30,279.00″ “DOCTORS GUIDANCE / MANAGING – $5,555.07″ And add this to the already billed $102,000 and I’m approaching a new grand total of around $140,000. Not trying to make any political statements or anything here but. What are your thoughts on the United States medical system?… Continue reading Somethings Gotta Give


Here are some pictures from my treatment/planning simulation today. It was quite the experience really. Imagine having warm plastic stretched over your top half in an attempt to hold you still. I can honestly say my eyes have been opened. It was really an interesting experience. My mind was racing with thoughts of the genius’… Continue reading Progress


Its been a few days since I posted here so I thought I would give you an idea what I’ve been up to: School: Physics test today Work: Busier and busier Bikes Battling the never-ending cold Upcoming events: Meet Radiology Oncologist on Friday Radiation begins on Monday Anyways, I’ve been super busy. Hope you all… Continue reading Update