1/2 Way Through it All

Today I had my 10th radiation. I’m halfway done, getting haggard, and trying to stay motivated. It is really something else having to go there everyday. It’s not the radiation part that really gets me it’s that sometimes, you have to do things that you don’t want to do. Like don’t even want to come close to doing (i.e. radiation therapy). Granted it’s a lot easier than chemo, it still doesn’t suit my lifestyle very well.
I guess I’m just a little down right now because sitting in radiation you have nothing to do other than listen to music and start to feel sorry for yourself. It’s like a mind game, what do I think about? Do I feel sorry for myself? (I try not to) Do I ponder life and all its infinite lessons? Do I think about how my throat hurts, or how I have x amount of homework and x-1 amount of time to do it in? I guess the lesson that can be learned today is that CANCER SUCKS, I wouldn’t in a million years wish it upon anyone ever.
I’ve been invited to possibly participate here. With my busy schedule though, who knows if I’ll be able to make it this summer. Since I am feeling a bit down today I have decided to write my thoughts in the form of haiku. Enjoy.

Thinking about life
in the radiation room
rain reveals too much.


  1. Shitty to hear brah, just think it’s almost over! You know I love ya, Hope your day gets better. By the way that is a very esoteric haiku, awfully organic of you.

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