Thought this video was worth reposting, my buddy Richard posted it on Facebook.

Some info here also for your enlightenment.


  1. Congratulations that you are finished with your treatment!! Just found your blog. Got diagnoset hodgkins IIa with 3 different tumors about 3x3cm big each one of them. Have done 4 chemo of abvd now and today I will see my mid ct results if the tumor has gotten smaller.

    How do you pay for your treatment? I live in sweden and the treatment is free here so Im very happy.

    How was the side effects from the radiation?? Very curious about them.

    How long since you were finished with your treatment and how have you recovered from that now?

    Hope you all luck and that you will stay healthy ever after =)

    Mr. Swehodg

  2. Hello! Glad you found my blog!

    The only way I was able to get my treatment paid for was that my father has insurance, and since I'm a college student, I am on his insurance. But after $200k in bills it seems a little ridiculous how our medical system is run here in the USA.

    As for the radiation treatment, I would say that for me that was the hardest part, since I got the radiation on my neck I was not able to eat any solid foods and it was basically like to worst sore throat I had ever had. It felt like a sunburn on the INSIDE of my throat, I also lost most of my first layer of skin on my armpits which was very painful as well. I'm not trying to be the bearer of bad news here or anything but I think people should know that it is not fun at all. The good thing is that after 4 weeks of treatment and the 5th week being the worst for the side effects, after this 5th week though, the symptoms clear up and FAST. I was able to eat solids again on week 6 and I was no longer losing weight from not eating (10 lbs).

    I think that my posts from April and before will be of significant help to you. I tried to detail how I felt and how the treatments were doing. I finished my treatments in May and am officially in remission since then!

    I wish you the best of luck Peter!

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