Here are some of the more visually appealing programming assignments I’ve been working on this semester.
Traveling Salesman Problem – 15k Points in Germany
In so many words, these two programs attempt to find a smaller path between a group of points, the one on the right uses the Smallest Insertion Heuristic and the left used the Nearest Insertion Heuristic. These maps represent the distance traveled and the route taken between ~15k points in Germany!
NBody Simulation – Shown here with a universe of 1000 Asteroids
From Princeton’s assignments, my professor likes to use Princeton’s assignment. Lucky me right! This simulation uses the improved Barnes-Hut algorithm to improve the run time efficiency of this program from O(N^2) down to the amazing O(NLogN)! The left is a simulation that is animated, hard to show here, but the one of the right shows the correct construction of a Barnes-Hut quad tree with the internal nodes being represented by larger green dots in this 2-dimensional universe.


  1. Ok WAY over my head, but this looks very good. I give you an A+. I think you should consider taking this to the next level … finding the way for me (point A) to get to everything I want (point B) in as little time, with as little effort as possible. Ready, set, compute.

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