Hello All,
I have been extremely haphazard lately as to how I update and when I update this blog. I decided I need to come up with something to do here, and I have come up to an unfortunate conclusion as to what. My plans are to end this blog, yes that’s right, terminate and end the life of this blog. Obviously I will still keep the blog accessible. All my posts will stay so that the original purpose of this blog can be fulfilled, that being to inform and educate people who have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as to how treatment will be handled. Also to give people who have it a better understanding of what it really is like to go through chemotherapy and radiation. The secondary purpose to inform friends/family of my procedures and wellness.
I started this blog after reading another persons cancer experience and it really gave me a positive attitude that I like to think I tried to keep the entirety of my treatment. So that’s basically it, I don’t plan on updating much, you might see a post or two on occasion, layout might be changed.
I appreciate how much support my family and friends gave me through my experience and now that I had my port removed from my chest I truly feel as though I am done with treatment! I can breathe again and relax.
It’s not all bad news though, to the 3 or 4 of you that are still reading this. I am going to have a new site in the works, something that will blow this one away. I don’t plan on ditching my corner of the world-wide web. As for now the new site is in the brainstorm mode and is still a ways away. But it is going to be my pet project to work with. Any advice, help, and wisdom is always appreciated.


  1. I was beginning to wonder. But it all makes sense now. I see the light. Ok good luck with the new site and I hope it includes your usual humor and a dash of P-nizzle thrown in.

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