Work work Work

Work went well today, hair falling out more and more everyday (in the shower even). Other than that energy level is back up and I’m feeling good. I go in for round 3 on Monday so we will see how that goes. Woo hooo. haha

Whats a Port?

So I keep talking about my “Port”, I’ll be caught saying “my port this” and “my port that” so here’s a little info on exactly what is inserted in my chest. I have installed what is called a Power-Port by Bard Access, it essentially saves me from having to have an IV installed every week… Continue reading Whats a Port?


Today was pretty good, helped mom and cleaned up the garage all day. Felt good till tonight, my headaches seem to be getting worse, the more I think about this transfusion and how it supposedly will make me feel better the more I want it. Haha, it seems like it will be a necessary evil… Continue reading Today

The Next Stage

As for the next leg of my story it goes kinda like this. On the Monday I get my diagnosis, after many more blood tests I get the schedule for the next week. How anyone is supposed to work/school or do anything is crazy to me. Monday: Labs / Doctors Visit Tuesday: Reproductive Health Clinic… Continue reading The Next Stage

The Beginning

Well well, where to start. There is so much to say and quite frankly, I’m tired and don’t want to say much. But I guess I’ll start at the beginning, some might say writing my thoughts down is therapeutic, others would say its a bit … daunting. However I think of this as a good… Continue reading The Beginning