Just got back from finding a VeloCache with my buddy Codizzle and I got to thinking…Should I change the name of my blog now that I am done with my treatments? Let me know what you all think by voting on the right side of my page (you should find a poll). I am also thinking of updating the look/feel of my blog to be brighter, more…summerlike seeing as how we are getting closer and closer to such a seasonal shift.
My sister started a new blog, and she is an excellent writer so her posts are not nearly as…barbaric as my own. But if your interested in her studies/happenings/rants, feel free to check it out. She will be attending the University College London getting her masters in Gender Studies (proud brother right here).
Today I’ve been working on getting the kinks/final touches worked out of my latest CS project. It is just a simple contact sorter/generator/editor. However it is the most advanced graphical program I have done so far so I am pretty excited about it!
Anyways, remember to vote and let me know how you feel about the name change, maybe 20yearskickedthehodge, or 20yearsoverthehodge, or many many others.

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