Whats a Port?

So I keep talking about my “Port”, I’ll be caught saying “my port this” and “my port that” so here’s a little info on exactly what is inserted in my chest. I have installed what is called a Power-Port by Bard Access, it essentially saves me from having to have an IV installed every week when they want blood or to give me chemo or whatever. All they have to do is “access” my port. This basically consists of puncturing the skin and then hitting my port, when done correctly it barely hurts and maybe feels like a bit of a poke but definitely manageable.

Here is a picture of my port accessed (notice the tube hanging out of my chest.) I got to leave the hospital tonight with it accessed because I’m going in for my transfusion tomorrow!!! I’m pretty excited because my red blood count (RBC) is excessively low now. I’m pale, tired, and get headaches way too easy.
Wish me luck tomorrow and I’ll be posting from my transfusion most likely (6 hours of sitting) so maybe you will get to see some sweet pictures of blood being dripped into me. I’m getting 2 Units of “Packed Reds.”
To those familiar with vintage and modern cycling terms, the words “Blood Doping” are brought to mind. And yes … this is the process they would do. So now … I’m a blood doper, not intentionally though so I don’t think I’ll be scrutinized nearly as severely! Anyways, everyone have a great day and I’ll be back later.

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