Today was pretty good, helped mom and cleaned up the garage all day. Felt good till tonight, my headaches seem to be getting worse, the more I think about this transfusion and how it supposedly will make me feel better the more I want it. Haha, it seems like it will be a necessary evil throughout this process since the doctors tell me the chemo kills all of those blood cells like it kills the cancer cells.
I guess overall I would rate today a 7/10 and am kind of pissed that my supposed “good” week is turning into more doctor appointments. I go in tomorrow and will get all of this reassessed just to go back in on Monday for another chemo trip. It seems like I just had the last one, but the good news! If I only have to do 4 months of this which is the new plan. That’s only 8 treatments total, and I’ve already had 2! That means I’m already 1/4 of the way done with chemo.
I’ll keep the positive thoughts rollin’ and you do the same. Thanks for reading.

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