Let it Snow!

Today I woke up feeling like they said I would, $1,000,000. Which to me … is quite a bit of feel good! Hopefully this transfusion will last a bit longer this time and I can feel good all week-long. I woke up this morning to a bunch of snow (for Boise) outside, it looks beautiful… Continue reading Let it Snow!

Ohh Wednesday

So today is pretty much just another Wednesday, or Hump Day if you prefer, and that means one of two things. Nausea┬áis half way over, or half way begun. I tend to think its more likely to be the last one because last bad week it lasted through the weekend, not good at all. But… Continue reading Ohh Wednesday

Round 3

So today was round 3 … went well per usual. I even got a picture of me being injected with Adriamycin. The wondrous A in my ABVD regimen. It all went well with my first draw starting around 9:00AM and ending around 2:00PM. Was a good day, still quite a bit shaky from my steroids… Continue reading Round 3

Whats a Port?

So I keep talking about my “Port”, I’ll be caught saying “my port this” and “my port that” so here’s a little info on exactly what is inserted in my chest. I have installed what is called a Power-Port by Bard Access, it essentially saves me from having to have an IV installed every week… Continue reading Whats a Port?


Today was pretty good, helped mom and cleaned up the garage all day. Felt good till tonight, my headaches seem to be getting worse, the more I think about this transfusion and how it supposedly will make me feel better the more I want it. Haha, it seems like it will be a necessary evil… Continue reading Today