A New Month, A New Week

Well well, what can be said. Its cold, its December. And its my good week! I’ve got a lot on my list to do and keep myself busy:

  1. Organize next semester and sell back my old books
  2. Meet with academic advisor today
  3. Ship off my eBay auctions (ended last night)
  4. Rest and relaxation
  5. Blood transfusion
  6. Doctor appointment
  7. Two Neupagen Shots (Most Likely)
  8. Regain senses in time for Round 3
  9. Figure out presents for family!

And of course, spend more time with family and friends. So if you wanna talk, this is the week to talk…if you wanna hang out, this is the time to hang out. Cuz I’m out and about and I’m happy and I’m finally kicking my 7 day nausea trip and cross your fingers…feeling good. That’s right I said it, no meds for the rest of this week. I’ll look forward to hearing from you folks, and I hope that I get all my needs taken care of this week. Much love and thanks for reading!

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