Getting Through

So as I sit here tonight in my humble abode. I’m recounting the events of this week. Chemo on Monday, good as usual, the nurses were nice and I got news the a blood transfusion is something … of necessity. What I thought was going to be a choice is now turning into something that is required, I basically just need to say when.
As the days go on I feel myself wishing that I had it more and more seeing as how the doctor said it would make me feel better. I felt pretty sick over Thanksgiving but that was to be expected. Thankfully (no pun intended) I was able to eat dinner and have no major issues, other than a brief bout with severe light-headedness. What was a real bummer was having to leave work early on Friday. It seems no matter what I do, I continue to have issues with this chemo. Sometimes I just wanna say screw it and see what happens but I know that is not the wisest choice it’s just hard to stay motivated sometimes.
I’m watching Fahrenheit 451 from my Netflix but it’s less than perfect that is for sure. I enjoyed the book much more. Watching books get burnt is not nearly as interesting as reading about it haha. Oh well. I hope tomorrow isn’t as big of a struggle as today and friday was.
Riding my bike is well … sad to say the least. I get tired way to quick and can’t catch my breath fast enough, this proves to be more of an emotional issue than I let onto seeing as how bikes are my life, something that I find myself craving to do on my down days. But when I ride, its like a whole new experience, something that I can’t really relate to anymore. Its exhausting and makes my legs hurt bad. Well I’ll stop complaining and get along with it. I hope you all are enjoying my blog and I hope that maybe someone out there is relating to this. Maybe then, it will be all worth while.


  1. Dooders,
    Just found your post, I mean uh yer blog. Some heavy shit homey. You have a really good attitude and it’s encouraging to read about it. Power on young brother, i’m thinking good thoughts for you. Maybe we can rub beards next time I see you.

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