Hello all, lately I’ve been a bit delinquent about updating this blog. That is for a few different reasons; First, My idea to take Math 333 (Differential Equations) over the summer, has turned into a lesson patience. Way too much homework for one class, and then the teacher won’t even grade the entire assignment 🙁… Continue reading Lately


I would LOVE to have this bicycle, in the video that is, with the guy playing guitar…you get it. Heres the video Also, thought this was funny/creative

Shoshone Falls

Went out to Shoshone Falls with Mom this weekend. Here is a little vid of the trip! Enjoy!


Another Friday night, contemplating some more LaTex fun. But just had a big math test today so I’ll probably take a night off. I’ve been thinking a lot about math today and lately, and I really have been growing an affinity for it. Not in the sense that I’m very good at it, but in… Continue reading Friday

Good Week

This week was a great week, got some things done: Ready for school Bike ride with Velopirates Work Laundry / Dishes These are all pretty menial tasks but hey! I had a good week anyways, and I have chemo tomorrow.


I pulled this off a buddies post of a post, originally from Despite differing political beliefs, there is one thing we can all agree on. This is interesting. You’re now gazing at President Barack Obama’s just-released official portrait — the first of a U.S. president ever taken with a digital camera. That means we… Continue reading Interesting


Thought you might enjoy a bit of light reading. Here’s a Cell Phone made of Recycled Bottles

What I'm Watching

Here are a few videos I have been watching lately. Thought you might enjoy them too!


What an eventful weekend, mixed in with medical stuff I got to attend the Georges Cycles Christmas party at the brand new G-Fit Studio. For those of you who don’t know, this is a concept/fit/expensive stuff mecca. It was opened a month or so back and is run by my buddy Jason and he’s keepin’… Continue reading Weekender