Adventures in Transfusion

So after waiting over 24 hours for the local blood bank to match my blood (unsuccessful still). I sit here in my hospital room beginning what is 8 hours of great fun…a biological cross match is what they are calling it. Basically this consists of giving me O negative blood, which is compatible with everyone, and then testing my body to make sure I’m accepting it ok after only 50mL.
I have been informed that my blood has 4 different antibodies in it which is making it excessively difficult to match. Oh well enough with the nonsense I’m just glad to be getting this transfusion and glad its gonna make me feel better. I just had a nurse inform me that since I’ve been anemic for 2 weeks or more now, I have most likely forgotten what it feels like to feel really … REALLY good, so according to her … I’ll be feeling GREAT tomorrow morning and even better for the weekend, better than I’ve felt in a while.
Anyways, here are a few pictures I made while sitting in my bed to amuse you onlookers. Let me know what you think and keep the comment love flowing.

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  1. RedWings … now your dating yourself a bit. I actually know what that means too. Glad your feeling better Will, enjoy the ride!

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