What an eventful weekend, mixed in with medical stuff I got to attend the Georges Cycles Christmas party at the brand new G-Fit Studio. For those of you who don’t know, this is a concept/fit/expensive stuff mecca. It was opened a month or so back and is run by my buddy Jason and he’s keepin’ it classy in the Linen District.
Expensive stuff, great atmosphere, a keg on tap out the back door, karaoke (with the usual suspects), Rock Band, fun on the rollers, this was surely a party worth attending.
Another reason I wanted to write this post was to address a previous post I put on this blog. I just wanted to issue a public apology for what it stated, and how it was taken. I didn’t choose my words carefully enough, and that nearly cost me some dear friendships yesterday. Which for those of you who know, friends mean the world to me. I don’t know where I would be today without the love, advice, support, and constant guidance that my friends offer me. And I trampled on those friends of mine, not a good move Ralph.
What I said was self-righteous and made me sound as though I was sorry for myself and didn’t give a crap about everyone else who is fighting with me. I confused a simple comment for something deep, confused concern with insensitivity.
So I’m sorry because in all honesty, coming from a rather small family and not much real world experience. You guys are part of my family, and when times get tough, you don’t do what I did and offend them all. You guys are awesome and have truly helped shape who I am as a person, for that … I am eternally grateful.

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