A(B)VD #6

That’s right! I had my 6th session of ABVD today (minus the B). Many reasons for subtracting the B, first of all Big Willy don’t need all of the chemo anymore, and second of all my “mass” is shrinking. All I hear now in the docs office is..

  • Textbook response
  • Great
  • Exactly what I thought

…These responses are much better than the ones I was hearing about 2 months (25lbs lighter) ago. Those were more desolate like…

  • Your going to lose your hair
  • Your going to feel nauseated
  • Your going to need to recover

…These, weren’t so good for my overall morale. However, I just had #6 and I am feeling good. We will see how the recovery from this one is but I’m excited, Chemo + School is going to be a whole new experience. But overall, its nice to get out and about, on my bike, and in the sun’s revealing rays.
Thanks for All the Support!


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