Chemo…or ChemNO

Went into MSTI today…got denied chemo. My white blood cell count (WBC) is too low, even more specifically, my Neutrophil count has dropped below 600 (something about my body not being able to react quickly and regenerate due to the cumulative effects of ABVD), this leaves me at high risk of infection due to almost no immune system. So no chemo today.
I guess it’s a good thing we check my blood so often! They said I would be hospitalized with an infection had we gone ahead with chemo. But hey, I’m not complaining, if anything … it’s my first week back at school, I’m happy as can be, and glad I don’t have to deal with that this week.
The downside, this pushes my finish date a week further, making the end not as close as it was. But still close enough to see!

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