Oh what to say about Thursday, not much really. It’s the third day after chemo on Monday so, naturally, today was a lesson in just how odd my body could feel. I felt shaky all day but kept my steady stream of anti-nausea meds running. I can only imagine how I would feel without these wondrous Rx’s.
In my free time I built P-Nut a fun wall to play on above her cat post. I find these kind of activities gives me something fun and time-consuming to do. Anyways, here is a picture of her playing on it!

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  1. My cat (The Count) wants to have a playdate with PNut. He gets lonely with the dog and now the baby stealing all his thunder. Plus, all the birds he wants to kill are staying way up in the trees so he just sits inside and glances out at them only once in awhile.

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