Chemo Diary

As I arrived at MSTI. (8:30AM) I went quickly into the lounge and got my blood draw, however … a few issues with blood return in my port (where the drugs go in). Imagine two nurses holding my head towards the ground with my feet propped up in the air. Something you might see at Teeter Hang Ups. So we got a sample and sent it off, I met with the doc.
The blood return started slowly and only got slower so we did a little “Roto-Rooting” in my port and bing bow port works like a freshie. Good news because nobody likes a clogged port.

Around 10:15AM

With my freshly cleaned port all ready to go I get the chemo all hooked up and we are off, I get my doses of Ativan, Aloxi, Emend, and as much Saline Solution as you could ever desire. Orange Juice was to be had as well.
So I don’t really know how many people are reading this blog but as for my update I was all nervous about a week or two back. The doctor and the radiologists notes only had good things to say, my tumor is literally about 1/2 size it was in November showing “marked reductions in size”, and my blood counts are staying healthy best they’ve been yet, AND I’m back to my pre-hodge weight. Things are great, on the up and up, looking fantastic, etc. PLUS NO MORE “B” in the ABVD for me!

Around 11:15AM

Just got my Adriamycin so now its orange/red pee for me next time I make a bathroom break. All in all this trip is gonna be a good one. One less chemical and I hope that means only 3/4 the amount of sickness I feel this week.
All in all, I’m glad I have this blog, and I’m glad that everyone can read it and see what all this stuff I get to do is.
One thing I wanted to write about today is on the subject of being a donor. It has always been something I strongly believe in (both living and non-living). Now as a cancer patient my life has been impacted directly by someone else’s willingness to give what they themselves have extra of (blood). I encourage everyone I know to be a donor and it is something I intend on never taking off of my license. Why would I withhold that when I have been given so much these past few months.
More info on Donation at American Red Cross

Around 11:40AM

I have only one more drug left and its flowing fast through the port, life is good and things are great. Thanks for reading today and I’ll probably post a follow-up on how I’m feeling soon within the next day or two so STAY TUNED. Keep the positive thoughts flowing and the attitudes great! Thanks for reading!

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