Round 3

So today was round 3 … went well per usual. I even got a picture of me being injected with Adriamycin. The wondrous A in my ABVD regimen. It all went well with my first draw starting around 9:00AM and ending around 2:00PM. Was a good day, still quite a bit shaky from my steroids (given prior) and from the chemo running its course in my veins.

Here is what goes down in the beginning, as you can see, port accessed, and Adriamycin being administered, looks like some delicious Kool-aid when you see it in that giant turkey basting syringe! Looks awfully kind for being responsible for my Alopecia (Hair Loss), and being one of the more toxic drugs I get. Thank god for my Power Port.
Here is a microscopic image of Adriamycin

And the Molecular Formation of Adriamycin

A bit of bad news today however, blood transfusion didn’t have quite the desired effect, thus my levels are right back down to where they were the week pre-transfusion. So we are in negotiations to do another this weekend. Hopefully they find a match sooner this go around. Positive thoughts and comments are great so far! Thanks for the support you guys.

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