Ding Ding…Round One

So after all these sequential posts I’m finally getting caught up in my saga for you guys to be reading some current posts. So I’ll give you a brief review of round one…Sit in a bed, get chemo for 4 hours, get up from bed at hour 3, go to the TLC (Treatment Learning Class), return to bed after my IV pole started beeping at me in class, get de-accessed, and return to class.
What was the worst part about this cycle was that since my WBC (White Blood Cells) were so low when I started treatment, I had to get a Neupagen shot everyday for 4 days after chemo. The worst part, it makes your bones feel like they are constantly being broken. After working for 6 of my 17 scheduled hours at work, I felt like a wreck. Could I ever continue this treatment? Thoughts of just giving up were definitely on my mind. And on top of it!!! I got a cold/sore throat that weekend, to which I’m still healing from. Needless to say, CYCLE ONE KICKED MY ASS. The week following it though (my good week) was great, spent time with family and friends and tried to gain back some of the 10lbs I lost the week prior. Milkshakes a plenty and as much ice cream as anyone could handle. 🙂 I’m down to 150lbs and now considering I was at 165 just 2 weeks prior, the docs were concerned. I’m stable now at 150 but I’m supposed to be eating as much as possible still.
If there is any advice I could give it would be to make sure you do what the doctors say, eat as much as possible, don’t forget or you could find yourself passing out before thanksgiving dinner. No hair loss yet, but as far as I can read, it is coming for me…coming soon.

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