A Remedy

So, in accordance with my last post I’m going to be trying to post more and more on here to fill people in on my happenings/thoughts/feelings etc. I would like to remind people that this is my PERSONAL blog, so things are bound to get personal. If this makes you queasy, then this is not… Continue reading A Remedy


Well inter-webs, its been nearly a year. The site has undergone some updates to its look and feel, but the content remains the same, some outdated cancer posts, some random CS rants, etc.. This lack of content is one of the reasons for this post, to keep something new, to refresh this blog with a… Continue reading Indirection


I pulled this off a buddies post of a post, originally from Engadget.com. Despite differing political beliefs, there is one thing we can all agree on. This is interesting. You’re now gazing at President Barack Obama’s just-released official portrait — the first of a U.S. president ever taken with a digital camera. That means we… Continue reading Interesting

From WIRED.com

Thought you might enjoy a bit of light reading. Here’s a Cell Phone made of Recycled Bottles