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Well I just turned in a 10 Micro-controller comparison report for my ECE 433 class and I decided to write a short little blog post here to start my Operating Systems blog. I will make a category for all my Operating Systems blog posts that way they will comprise a sort of diary for that class.
Today I got my grade back for the first easy project, a doubly linked list in C, but to no avail my program didn’t impress anyone, producing a dreaded segmentation fault with lists of size 1. This was a bit of a setback since the only thing I have left in my shell project is to integrate the list to keep track of jobs. That is ok though, its all a learning experience right…
Anyways, my classes are hammering me hard right now, no time for fun, no time for work. I feel like the only thing I can do right now is write code. Which…isn’t always top of my priority list.
It will all be worth it, it will be all worth it, it will be all worth it. This is going to be my mantra, because if anything the last 2-3 weeks have taught me is that no matter how clever or smart I am, there is always someone cleverer(sp?).
Another thing that I have noted is that it is so simple to write a computer program, but it is indeed something beautiful when you have a program so complex as an Operating System, or major project, that works flawlessly (or as close as possible), so that people who aren’t even the slightest bit concerned with what a bit or byte is can use it and take pleasure in it. Seeing my non-geek friends (as Dr. Jain says) enjoy their computers makes it seem so meaningless. At the same time so important. Someones gotta do it 🙂

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