Senior Year : First Impressions

Hello all faithful readers out there in cyberspace. I decided to update this little blog of mine since;

  1. It has been a while.
  2. I just finished my first two weeks of my Senior Year at BSU.
  3. I thought I would like to tell you all how my classes are going, and what kinds of topics you can expect I’ll be filling my mind with over the next few months.

As far as my Fall schedule goes, I’m currently taking 5 classes;

MATH 361 – Probability and Statistics, description from BSU Catalog

Calculus-based treatment of probability theory, random variables, distributions, conditional probability, central limit theorem, descriptive statistics, estimation, tests of hypotheses, and regression. Differs from MATH 360 by providing more thorough coverage of theoretical foundations and wider variety of applications drawn from natural and social sciences as well as engineering.

CS 354 – Programming Languages, description from BSU Catalog

Principles of programming languages: design, syntax, semantics, information binding, strings, arithmetic, input/output, recursion and extensibility.

CS 453 – Operating Systems, description from BSU Catalog

Process management, concurrency, inter-process communication, synchronization, scheduling, memory management, file systems and security. Case studies of multiple operating systems.

CS 497 – Embedded and Portable Computing, description from BSU Catalog

Comparison of commercially available microcontroller and their use in embedded communications and control applications. Power consumption, software development, interprocessor communication, and interfacing with sensors, actuators, and input/output devices. Use of microcontroller cores implemented in programmable logic devices as an alternative to hardwired microcontrollers. An embedded system project is designed and built.

CS 471 – Software Engineering, description from BSU Catalog

A formal study of the software development process. Topics include: life cycle models, requirements definition, specification, design, implementation, validation, verification, maintenance, and reuse. Students work in small teams on significant projects.

So this is about it, as far as classwork goes. I have been coding a bunch, working on understanding all the topics, reading, and trying to keep my head up. I will have much more informative and detailed analysis as I go further through this semester. So stay tuned!

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