Friday Night LaTex

So I’m sitting here gloating over my recent score, a 93% on my Physics test! This is a drastic improvement from my earlier quiz score, as I regrettably remember.
This week has been … busy. I got chemo on Monday, which didn’t set me back much. Felt lively and ready for action pretty much all week, days #3 and #4 being the worst two as usual (slight nausea and shaking galore). But other than that, I’m looking forward to a three-day weekend and some time to relax for a day or so.
I wont let the nice weather fool me though, it will be back to business as soon as Monday rolls around. It will be my good week and it will be a great opportunity to get some things all lined up.
Registration for summer semester, for example, starts fairly soon. So getting that to go through will be a task in its own.
Tonight, I got exceedingly bored and finally worked out this LaTex (math typesetting) stuff from my math class that allows me to insert correct mathematical symbols in a command line type of format.
This involved, downloading the LaTex required kits, and then WinEdt which is turning out to be a great choice in a text editor, it has great features that work flawlessly and seamlessly to convert my .tex files to .dvi and then to .pdf I really couldn’t ask for much better.
For more info on LaTex read this.
So that’s what my Friday night ended up with … math computing, but hey, I’m not hating the extra study hours to review my notes and work with LaTex. For which the learning curve is very steep, but I think I’m well on my way up it.


  1. Yeah jeez, I just spent 4 minutes trying to get my solar calculator into enough light for it to work and now I’m mentally taxed. You lil brainiac.

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