The Coming Scan

Since I’ve gotten that CT scan appointment for the new year all I can think of is, “What if all this feeling like crap, getting infused all the time, multiple transfusions…what if none of this has done anything?” I know that’s not very positive thinking, which I’m trying to keep up, but seriously. Up until now there has really been no way to significantly tell if all this chemo is per say….working?
Oh well, I’ll just keep my mind on the coming holidays and keep my mind in the season for giving! I wish I had an insane disposable income so I could buy everyone I knew presents but what you all WILL get, is to see my ugly mug for another few years haha.
Anyways, a lot of people are probably wondering why I call myself Ralphie on here. No it’s not my alter ego or anything exciting like that, just simply a nickname I first acquired when I was around 16 years old. Something I finally got rid of around 18 or so only for it to be quickly brought back up again by my current associates (you know who you are).
So long story short here’s a picture of everyone’s favorite christmas hero.

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