Settling In

So the site has so far been a success, not sure if anyone has been keeping up on the updates and whatnot. But if you access the main site then you can click around and see the new code examples that I have posted, even with syntax highlighting via HTML and JavaScript. Thanks to Alex Gorbatchev and his SyntaxHighlighter code project.
Other than that there is a new about me section and the menu structure has been changed a bit. I’m proud to say that I have wrapped my head around the concept of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so this weekend I worked a bit on converting all the code to run with these specifications. This has definitely made the process of coding the html for the site much easier. I now see the wisdom in this system.
Personally I have just finished my Spring semester at BSU and am currently working full-time at Sybase. My grades are holding and my GPA is still right where I’m desiring it to be for graduate school applications. Wish me luck 🙂

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