What I'm Watching

Here are a few videos I have been watching lately. Thought you might enjoy them too!

The Coming Scan

Since I’ve gotten that CT scan appointment for the new year all I can think of is, “What if all this feeling like crap, getting infused all the time, multiple transfusions…what if none of this has done anything?” I know that’s not very positive thinking, which I’m trying to keep up, but seriously. Up until… Continue reading The Coming Scan

Great News!

I had another doctor appointment today and guess what!!!! My red blood cell count (RBC) is staying high for once and that means no more transfusions for a while he says! So other than that exciting news, nothing else has happened. Just thought I would put a quick note in here about that. ALSO, I… Continue reading Great News!


What an eventful weekend, mixed in with medical stuff I got to attend the Georges Cycles Christmas party at the brand new G-Fit Studio. For those of you who don’t know, this is a concept/fit/expensive stuff mecca. It was opened a month or so back and is run by my buddy Jason and he’s keepin’… Continue reading Weekender

Let it Snow!

Today I woke up feeling like they said I would, $1,000,000. Which to me … is quite a bit of feel good! Hopefully this transfusion will last a bit longer this time and I can feel good all week-long. I woke up this morning to a bunch of snow (for Boise) outside, it looks beautiful… Continue reading Let it Snow!

Ohh Wednesday

So today is pretty much just another Wednesday, or Hump Day if you prefer, and that means one of two things. Nausea¬†is half way over, or half way begun. I tend to think its more likely to be the last one because last bad week it lasted through the weekend, not good at all. But… Continue reading Ohh Wednesday

Round 3

So today was round 3 … went well per usual. I even got a picture of me being injected with Adriamycin. The wondrous A in my ABVD regimen. It all went well with my first draw starting around 9:00AM and ending around 2:00PM. Was a good day, still quite a bit shaky from my steroids… Continue reading Round 3

Work work Work

Work went well today, hair falling out more and more everyday (in the shower even). Other than that energy level is back up and I’m feeling good. I go in for round 3 on Monday so we will see how that goes. Woo hooo. haha