Oh what to say about Thursday, not much really. It’s the third day after chemo on Monday so, naturally, today was a lesson in just how odd my body could feel. I felt shaky all day but kept my steady stream of anti-nausea meds running. I can only imagine how I would feel without these… Continue reading Thursday

Chemo Diary

As I arrived at MSTI. (8:30AM) I went quickly into the lounge and got my blood draw, however … a few issues with blood return in my port (where the drugs go in). Imagine two nurses holding my head towards the ground with my feet propped up in the air. Something you might see at… Continue reading Chemo Diary

Great News!

I had another doctor appointment today and guess what!!!! My red blood cell count (RBC) is staying high for once and that means no more transfusions for a while he says! So other than that exciting news, nothing else has happened. Just thought I would put a quick note in here about that. ALSO, I… Continue reading Great News!


What an eventful weekend, mixed in with medical stuff I got to attend the Georges Cycles Christmas party at the brand new G-Fit Studio. For those of you who don’t know, this is a concept/fit/expensive stuff mecca. It was opened a month or so back and is run by my buddy Jason and he’s keepin’… Continue reading Weekender

Round 3

So today was round 3 … went well per usual. I even got a picture of me being injected with Adriamycin. The wondrous A in my ABVD regimen. It all went well with my first draw starting around 9:00AM and ending around 2:00PM. Was a good day, still quite a bit shaky from my steroids… Continue reading Round 3

Work work Work

Work went well today, hair falling out more and more everyday (in the shower even). Other than that energy level is back up and I’m feeling good. I go in for round 3 on Monday so we will see how that goes. Woo hooo. haha

Whats a Port?

So I keep talking about my “Port”, I’ll be caught saying “my port this” and “my port that” so here’s a little info on exactly what is inserted in my chest. I have installed what is called a Power-Port by Bard Access, it essentially saves me from having to have an IV installed every week… Continue reading Whats a Port?