Another Friday night, contemplating some more LaTex fun. But just had a big math test today so I’ll probably take a night off.
I’ve been thinking a lot about math today and lately, and I really have been growing an affinity for it. Not in the sense that I’m very good at it, but in the sense that mathematics when viewed in the right light is really a beautiful and pure thing. Not many things in this world are fortunate to be as logical. I struggle in math class everyday, and anyone who thinks that math ever gets easy … well they are just kidding themselves.
As I was losing hope today about my mathematical education, and browsing through some old teachers web pages, I came across a certain article written by my previous Calculus 2 teacher (Dr. Harlander). He captures exactly what it is like to be a student of mathematics, a “constant confrontation of ones own limits.”
His paper gave me a sort of new perspective on my education. I, more than most people, get caught up with the deadlines of certain activities. This loss of focus seems to make the learning process more difficult, so from now on I will be focusing on the process of learning, not just the end result
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  1. Its pretty easy to get caught up with just meeting deadlines and making sure you know everything for tests/quizes.. I always find myself wishing that none of those existed during the semester, just one final to make sure you learned what you need..

    I agree with your view on math, its a great subject in so many ways.. and you’re right, its never going to get easy, only more complex.

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